We gained 20 years of experience in pastry art: this allowed to develop our semifinished and finished long-life products line, ideal for ice-cream and pastry parlors.
Thanks to its rigorously organised production chain, Pasticceria Modenese transmits its handcrafted art giving great importance to the manual phases of production.
An example is “Pan Gelato”, our focaccia bread that is completely handmade, created manually one by one.

Our “Pan Sottile” (Charlotte) is characterised by a unique elasticity: it is a fundamental trait to make it easy to roll up. Try to roll or bend it, it will go back to its original appearance.

Our Pan di Spagna (Sponge cake), Pasta sfoglia (Puff pastry), Cream Puffs, Puff pastry Cannoli and Meringue are ready-to-use semifinished products, distinguished by high quality standards and home-made fragrance at the same time.